Even Eve Envies was created because it’s often difficult to figure out what effective and safe personal care products.

I believe primarily in less irritating and safer ingredients. I often come across organic and natural brands in that search but I soon found out that natural is no guarantee of safer. Instead, I evaluate every product list to find out what inside the product. If there are irritating ingredients or those in question, I don’t include the product in my reviews.

In addition to safer personal care, I believe in proven effectiveness. I assess the science behind why something works because I’m curious about how the ingredients interact. While some things are manufacturer’s responsibility (such as raw materials quality), we can still figure out if a product has the ability to do what it claims.

In Even Eve Envies, we have:

Science Stuff – Where I break down how ingredients work and present the science. This is for the beauty geeks out there.

Brand Reviews – Brand background and their commitments regarding chemicals of concern and their public commitments to look for safer, less irritating ingredients, whether that’s natural or not.

Best of Lists – Summary of best products for a particular concern or product in a filterable list for easy reference.

Enjoy. I hope you find what you’re looking for.


Brand Info and Quick Reviews

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