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Green People is a Solid Everyday Brand and That’s Exactly How Charlotte Voetz Wants It

Green People Quick Facts

Ingredients | Certified by France’s Ecocert and UK’s Soil Association;  90% active natural and organic ingredients

Eco-friendly | Rent supports the Knepp Castle Wildland Project; Office and Warehouse are powered by clean, sustainable energy from Ecotricity; recyclable packaging such as compostable chips instead of polystyrene.

Ethical | Cruelty Free; 10% of net profit is donated to charities such as Marine Conservation Society, Penny Brohn Cancer Care, and Chestnut Tree House

Good Guide | Not Rated

EWG | Not Rated

The Mom Who Started It All

Green People founder Charlotte Voetz with Green People Scientists
Green People founder Charlotte Voetz with Green People Scientists

You’ve all heard the story before – a mom has child with outrageous allergies, can’t find any product that works, and decides in desperation to make what is needed.

This is the story that predates a lot of those stories.

Back in 1994, Charlotte Voetz found nothing gentle enough for her daughter’s skin on high street shelves. Everything was inorganic or only had a very small percent of organic ingredients.

I’m sure you know what happens.

Baby holding Green People's Organic Babies line
Baby holding Green People’s Organic Babies line

Charlottes took matters into her own hands and created and eventually sold gently formulated, organic only products.

Why is this story different?

There are thousands of stories like this, but this story happened before organic was hip or all-natural was mainstream.

Charlotte was a pioneer in a great position to lead. Early on, she helped UK’s Soil Association set up the governing standards for personal care products after years of telling them that the then-current standard wouldn’t cut it.

She also has a background tailored perfectly for it. Trained as a nurse and knowledgeable in herbal medicine, she spent 11 years in the pharmaceutical industry.

These are pretty impressive and entirely unique credentials, which no other brand I am aware of has and which gives them a ton of credibility.


Solid everyday care for you and me

Okay, I love Tata Harper but let’s get real.

With prices in the stratosphere (but products that are absolutely to die for), it’s not something I can use every day.

Green People has safe effective products and is something I can afford for all of my daily needs.

The range is beautifully complete.

Green People's products laid out on a marble table
Green People has an extensive product range

Green people has everything for everyone. It has a men’s line and a line for older people. It produces an Organic Babies line and a line specifically for adolescents and children. There is lotion, shampoo, lipstick and sun protection.

And yes, there is deodorant. 😊

Now, Green People could have focused on playing in the luxury organic space, but I suspect this practicality of purpose and price is integral to Green People founder Charlotte.

Green People founder Charlotte Voetz has a mission
Green People founder Charlotte Voetz has a mission

Her first objective was to help her daughter Sandra and closely following that was the desire to help others.

My mission was to help Sandra first. She was two years old with eczema and I tried to search for natural and organic personal care products, but there were none available. So I thought I could do something for Sandra and help others.

In 1997, this was not an easy task. Organic ingredients were not as easy to come by then as they are now and they were expensive. She could have raised prices but instead tried to keep prices down.

I always wanted to make organic beauty affordable for everyone …

It’s a very practical statement and perhaps kind of plain Jane, but the early days were tough.

She did everything for two years. Her only help was a part time student and production was in a stable warehouse.

It took 3 years to be profitable, and that is a long time.

Most people would have given up, but I think that because she really believed in what she did she stuck with it.

I always felt it was a mission and not a job so I am thrilled that we have been able to make a difference to so many people’s lives.

This is passion with a purpose and those plain, almost utilitarian bottles that you use all of a sudden become everyday poetry.


I will buy these products (and you will too)

Green People has over 150 awards
Green People has over 150 awards

I’ve occasionally bought myself some outrageously expensive organic luxury (I’m not telling, it was embarrassingly good but my husband still doesn’t know).

But I will hands-down, in a heartbeat buy Green People everyday without shame.

I don’t know how they do it, but they’ve managed to put together a personal care line made only of very gentle ingredients.

You want to know how it performs?

People with allergies – which is almost everyone these days – do say that it is far gentler than other brands. Skin problems are reduced or completely eliminated.

Allergies are increasing. They affect as many as 30 percent of adults and 40 percent of children.

Not only that, but a broad cross-section of the population loves these guys.

They have over 150 awards. Natural Health Beauty Awards from the UK loves their whole line and named it the Best Organic line while TIPS awarded their Baby Balms and Toothpaste. The Green Beauty Bible, Janey Loves and Practical Parenting have awarded Green People as well.

They aren’t a flashy brand.

They are a well-researched everyday brand that believes in trying to provide the gentlest possible ingredients to the most number of people, and while that isn’t the most earth-shattering mission statement in the world, it is one of the best.

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