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Christina Moss | Reviews, Small Mysteries, and a Supermom

Christina Moss Table of Contents

Cristina Moss Quick Facts | Commitment to Ingredients, the Environment, Ethics, and its EWG and the Good Guide

Christina Moss is a Supermom | A Popular Skincare Line comes out of nowhere

Simple Beginnings | Started in a garage and quickly grown

Small Mysteries | Some things I’d like to know about them but cannot figure out

Just a Few Thoughts| A generally good line

Cristina Moss Reviews| Products

Cristina Moss Quick Facts

Ingredients | Free from parabens, SLS or SLES, PG or PG derivatives, fragrances, preservatives, or any other harmful chemical

Eco-Friendly |  Public commitment but nothing definite written on their website

Ethical | Cruelty Free

The Good Guide | Not Rated

EWG | Not Rated

Christina Moss is a Supermom

Cristina Moss has built a successful personal care line while simultaneously being an author and mom. Cartoon picture of a superhero lady.
Cristina Moss has built a successful personal care line while simultaneously being an author and mom.

We all know moms have superpowers, but Christina Moss is in a league of her own.

First, we have all suddenly become aware of her Cristina Moss Naturals line.

Two of her products are outstandingly popular on Amazon, with thousands of highly rated reviews. Her Organic Facial Moisturizer is 4.5 stars with over 4,000 reviews. Meanwhile, her Organic Facial Wash is also 4.5 stars and has over 1,600 reviews. Both are Amazon Choice products.

Not bad for a stay at home mom who started her business in her garage.

Cristina Moss Naturals started from a garage. A picture of a garage with a white garage door and blue wood shingles on the exterior.
Cristina Moss Naturals started from a garage.

And surprisingly, she’s done this without a lot of fanfare. There isn’t a lot of discussion in the beauty mags about her products. There are also very few interviews she’s given – mostly, she and her company seem to be efficiently taking over our bathroom counters quietly.

Oh, and she’s also a successful author of 4 young adult books, one of which reached Amazon #1 for Science Fiction Adventure.

Makes me wish I had superpowers too.

Simple Beginnings

Christina Moss started her business because she wanted her family to have products without petrochemicals.

Petrochemicals are derived from petroleum and are widely used in personal care products. Some examples are toulene, Ethylene glycol and Ammonia, but there are hundreds and they are in everything.

She wanted to avoid harmful ingredients and so she decided to make them on her own.

In the early days, it was difficult.

She was homeschooling her children and taking college classes on the weekends. She spent a lot of time creating and filling orders and even more researching.

Friends and family ordered from her and before she knew it, she had a small but thriving business. Lost Angeles health food stores started ordering from her and health clinics made her products available to her patients.

A Yahoo store and website followed, which introduced the range across the United States.

Along the way, she partnered with Kenny Davies. He became CEO whom she credits with helping make their line successful.

Small Mysteries

Any kitchen chemist knows that products need to be properly preserved to ensure safety. A kitchen counter with equipment.
Any kitchen chemist knows that products need to be properly preserved to ensure safety.

Honestly, I have some difficulty understanding how purely natural products function without preservatives. As any kitchen chemist knows, a truly all-natural line will often go bad in a matter of days.

However, I am not a chemist, and perhaps there are combinations of natural ingredients that would work to preserve products.

Christina does discuss how formulations are created and tested, perhaps to help those who would like to understand.

First, she’ll go through the conventional formulation to understand the role of each ingredient. Then she substitutes each with a natural ingredient that performs the same function.

Afterwards, it is run through a chemist to test for microbes. A small focus group reviews it and then – if all goes well – labels, packaging and marketing are created to finally offer it to the public.

Products are run through a chemist and then a small group of testers. People sitting around a table discussing items.
Products are run through a chemist and then a small group of testers.

In addition to testing with a chemist, Christina blogs about some favorite natural preservatives that she uses such as Vitamin E, Organic Alcohol and Rosemary.

Vitamin E prolongs shelf life as it is an antioxidant. It stops the production of reactive oxygen species formed when oils undergo oxidation. By doing so, it delays the onset of rancidity. It’s much the same benefit that it provides the skin. Rosemary extract works the same way.

However, it is not just rancidity that cosmetics formulas have to protect against. A formula also has to defend against yeast, mold and bacteria.

Alcohols like ethanol at 20-25% create a self-preserving formula, but at that point lotions become drying. Other alcohols can act as preservatives, but might require certain conditions to be effective.

To be honest, this questions about preservative systems could be said about other natural brands – but I would still like to know.

In addition, I would also like to know who certified Cristina Moss Naturals organic. The process for certification is often difficult and time-consuming, and brands usually identify their certifying body to give added credence to their claim.

Different certifying bodies have different standards as well – it would be good to know what they follow.

Just a Few Thoughts

A grocery store aisle with cosmetics. Safer cosmetics with less irritating and questionable ingredients are important.
Yes, I want safer cosmetics but I also want things like preservative systems and scientific advances in my stuff.

Like a lot of people, I want safer cosmetics.

What that means to me is less irritating ingredients and those with dubious safety claims removed from my products.

This may not necessarily mean all-natural or organic, although I’ll admit that I favor organic products.

As far as I can tell from the products that I’ve looked at, Christina Moss contains mainly natural oils, essential oils and botanical extracts. If their ingredient list is complete, then the company checks all the boxes.

I'd love to have a few questions of mine answered regarding preservatives and their certifying body. Question balloons of different colors.
I’d love to have a few questions of mine answered regarding preservatives and their certifying body.

However, I would dearly love to know how their preservatives work and who their certifying body is. I cannot quite figure it out from what’s listed.

These are insanely popular products and make very big claims so they have a lot to live up to.

When I hear from people as to their experience with the brand, I come across so many people who love it. There are people who talk about how it solved their skin care woes. Others love the skin feel and the fragrance. Some love the price point.

So, despite the small mysteries, they are definitely making people happy by making products that work.

Cristina Moss Reviews | Products

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